Acrobatics and dance are beneficial to boys, girls, kids, and adults of all ages. Competing on the competition floor or performing on the stage can keep your body trim, give grace and poise to all your movements & provide a sense of accomplish-ment. It can increase your appreciation of music, art, & all movement forms. The most valuable benefit of a good acro-batic and dance education is the acquisition of self-discipline. In addition being involved in acrobatics & dance enhances ones self-esteem, self-confidence, & self-worth. Furthermore, students are encouraged to set goals & strive to reach them. Involvement in dance and acrobatics is also linked to higher academic success! All of these qualities are very important in shaping a well rounded individual.


Classes are offered in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, tumbling, tram-poline, & acrobatic gymnastics. Pre-School dance classes for 4-6 year olds & Creative Movement classes for 3-4 year olds enhance vocabulary, attention span, gross motor development, coordination, and self-discipline.


Observation days will be held the last week of every month. You will be notified by Dance Arts/ MAATT if the observation week has to be rescheduled.

Holiday Breaks

No Classes:

Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving break (Wed.-Sun.) Christmas Holiday (Dec. 24th- Jan. 3rd)

Easter Vacation (Good Friday- Sunday)

Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Monday) July 4th



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Tuition is due the 1st lesson of each month.


There will be a $15 charge for tuition paid after the 15th of each month. Students will be dropped from class if tuition is not paid.



If classes are cancelled for reasons other than holiday-you will receive an e-mail from Mindi. If you do not have e-mail please call if you are unsure. Public or private academic school cancellations DO NOT necessarily mean Dance Arts/ MAATT classes are cancelled.


Dance is a performing art- “to live is to dance- to dance is to live life to the utmost.” After a degree of proficiency is achieved; performing opportunities will be given. A performing group from Dance Arts is available for civic & charitable group functions. However, class time is better spent learning to dance rather than learning a dance. The best way to assure student progress is by having regular attendance. Acro students will have opportuni-ties to enter competitions throughout the season



Female Students are NOT to enter or leave the build-ing in only dance wear. They must wear cloths over their dance attire.

Proper apparel is required of all students.


Girls: Leotard, tights, appropriate shoes, hair tied back from face. Ballet skirts may be worn for ballet classes; jazz pants for tap & jazz classes.

Boys: T-shirt, soccer or biker shorts, appropriate shoes and thin socks.


Girls: Leotard, trunks, bare foot, athletic shorts may be worn.

Boys: tank leotard or t-shirt, soccer or biker shorts, bare foot.


Dance & Acrobatic supplies are available at the gym.